HopCat Lets The Public Decide On New Fries: Sweet, Spicy Or Cheesy

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WWJ News
September 12, 2019 - 1:27 pm

An order of HopCat's popular beer-battered, seasoned Crack Fries, pictured with warm dipping cheese (John Froelich,Special to Free Press)

(WWJ) First, they canceled crack fries and renamed them cosmik fries, and now HopCat is giving change another whirl.

The popular burger-and-beer joint known for their beer-battered salty and peppery fries is asking the public to vote on three new flavors.

HopCat fans can decide between funnel cake fries, — beer-battered fries tossed in salted caramel seasoning and served with chocolate dipping sauce; fiesta fries — beer-battered fries tossed in spicy taco seasoning and served with sour cream. The most exotic option is the shakshuka spiced fries, which are beer battered and tossed in Libyan spice Pilpelchuma and served with HopCat’s popular cheese sauce.

Click HERE on decidethefries.com to vote for your favorite spicy, sweet or cheesy option.

HopCat said its staff chose these options from among 150 options.

One voter suggested they combine the best of all the flavors. You can buy them in a tasting flight right now at your nearest HopCat location.

"Tried them all. Taco fries, great. Funnel cake, great. Infuse sour cream w/ shakshuka seasoning and serve taco fries w that and queso, it’s delicious. Funnel cake should have caramel and strawberry sauce, not chocolate. Just a thought."

Just a thought, indeed.

Other reviewers who posted their thoughts online seemed to agree with the flavor fusion, and had suggestions for making them even better.

"We just ate three orders of fries for @HopCatGR #decidethefries and all were good. Fiesta fries would be better if topped with cotija and paired with cilantro lime crema. Funnel cake fries are good, but funnel cake sticks for dessert would be better. Shakshuka wins!" a reviewer wrote.

This flavor contest comes about 10 months after the owners of HopCat announced in a video they were renaming their famous Crack Fries because they  no longer wanted to associate with the drug epidemic.

"Our vision for creating an inclusive company that supports our communities, shows love for our team and best serves our guests is not compatible with the continued use of the Crack Fries name," they said at the time. "We chose the name more than 11 years ago as a reference to the addictive quality of the fries and their cracked pepper seasoning, without consideration for those the drug negatively affected. We were wrong."