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photo: WWJ/Charlie Langton

Horrifying New Details In Case Of 11 Kids Rescued From Warren Home

Officials allege "horrific, repulsive and inhumane conditions"

May 08, 2018 - 5:24 pm

WARREN (WWJ) - Disturbing new information has been released in the case of nearly a dozen children removed from a Warren home.

An orange sign has been posted on the door of the house on Jewett Avenue, in the area of 9 Mile and Hoover Road, after the city declared it "unsafe."

According to Warren Mayor Jim Fouts, several young kids were taken to a local hospital on Monday with an unknown illness, prompting authorities to pay a visit to the home. There, he said, firefighters acted swiftly to rescue several more children from what he describes as "horrific, repulsive and inhumane conditions."

As police continue to investigate, Fouts said those conditions -- along with a lack of food -- appear to have been what made the 11 children sick.

"It was downright disgusting," the mayor said, in an interview with WWJ's Sandra McNeill. "The conditions were so deplorable, the children were allegedly eating a combination of feces and cereal off the floor."

Some of the kids, who range in age from infancy to around ten years old, suffered from malnutrition and were obviously grossly underweight, the mayor said. 

"It's hard to imagine that children have to live like this," said Fouts, who stressed that he hopes to see child abuse charges in this case. "In any society children have a basic right of proper nourishment and clean and safe living conditions. As long as I'm mayor I will encourage strong punishment for the those responsible for this kind of a situation."

As of Tuesday afternoon, all but a baby had been treated and released from local hospitals, Fouts said.

It's unclear at this time if the children are all siblings, or how they are related. There were two adults in the home, according to authorities, but they have not yet been publicly identified by police. 

No charges have been announced as an investigation continues.