WWJ/Jon Hewett

Hundreds Rally In Detroit To Change US Immigration Policy

They want an end to ICE and separating children from parents

June 14, 2018 - 10:56 pm

DETROIT (WWJ) - The issue of immigration drew over 300 to a rally outside of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) offices in Detroit Thursday afternoon.

The sound of car horns screaming along East Jefferson in support of the protestors, who are not only seeking an end the separation of immigrant families -- children being taken from their parents -- but also to end the department of ICE - which was established under the Bush administration in 2003. 

Protestors holding signs reading "Keep families together," and "We're all immigrants," one calling the treatment of children held in "tent cities" and described as a child internment camp inhumane. 

Jane Goldsmith of Huntington Woods, a retired Detroit school teacher, says she is "horrified" by the current short-term separation policy being used on the southern border. "And I know these children, and I know these parents and I know how important the family unit ..." she said before crying.  

Robert Jay, of Metro Detroit Political Action Network, tells WWJ's Jon Hewett that the issues involved are layered and complex. 

"ICE has been active in their terror campaign since 2003," said Jay. "We feel the issue goes beyond just ending that policy, in particular, but we'd like to end the entire department of ICE in general."

"If this administration put itself in the position to take away people's children involuntarily, and then to hold them in custody, without any details or any transparency or accountability - it is fundamentally shocking and inhumane. We all ought to be ashamed and disgusted," said Democratic candidate for governor Abdul Al-Sayed. 

The protest ended without incident after two hours.