Allen Park Cops Shut Down Krispy Kreme Grad Giveaway After Traffic Back-Up Flares Tempers, Causes Crash, Leaves Bitter Taste

Krispy Kreme Giveaway For Grads Gets Out Of Hand Across The Country

WWJ News
May 21, 2020 - 8:55 am

(WWJ) Doughnuts are only better than regular doughnuts on one condition: When they're free. 

But one downriver community says a doughnut giveaway this week got so out of hand, officers needed to show up and shut it down. 

The Allen Park Krispy Kreme wanted to give away a free dozen donuts to graduating seniors on Tuesday. But, the line stretched for over a mile down Southfield Road and past I-75, frustrating drivers and causing at least one crash. 

There was yelling, there was rage, there was the bitter taste of disappointment. Complaints poured into the Krispy Kreme Facebook page from locations across the country.

"My daughter and 4 friends waited for 3.5 hours only to be turned away in the parking lot. It’s very nice to offer this but clearly the stores were not prepared. They should have provided vouchers or something. Very frustrating experience," one woman wrote on Krispy Kreme's Facebook page.

Another said, "My daughter and a friend drove up to the location in Anderson OH (since this was the closest to us in Cincinnati). When my daughter was 2 cars away, a police officer came up to her and told her that she had to leave. I don't think that was fair no right. Shame on the Anderson Police Dept and that store for not stepping in and allowing our senior kids not to be able to get their donuts. Very disappointed."

In Allen Park, police said when they cut off the line they say they started taking abuse on social media. 

While it appreciates the gesture to the community, police says such giveaways need to be better coordinated in the future.  “A heads up would have been nice,” a detective told the News Herald. “They have a truck that delivers. They could have taken the truck to the high school and done this.”

And it didn't sit so sweet with the public either.

"I really hate people..... WHAT A SURPRISE! Idiots fighting and causing drama over free donuts! Can’t do anything nice for people cause they make into this ugly mess .....," Mandy Hollon wrote about the melee on Facebook.