Credit / Jonathan R. Marko

Lawsuit: Teacher Slamming Door Severs 1st Grader's Finger

Doctors were unable to re-attach the tip of his finger.

July 03, 2018 - 5:25 pm

DETROIT (WWJ) - A lawsuit filed against Detroit Public Schools claiming the actions of one of their teachers permanently disfigured a first-grader. 

Attorney Jonathan Marko says 7-year-old Jason Brandom, Jr., who was disrupting class back in October, was told to go sit in the hallway at Henderson Academy.  

When he attempted to return, the teacher allegedly slammed the door on him catching his finger and severing it.  

"As Jason opened the door," says Marko, "the teacher lost her temper and as Jason was entering the classroom she slammed the door so hard that it severed Jason's finger. It amputated his finger."

Marko says school officials didn't call an ambulance but instead called the mother who ended up taking the child to the hospital where they were unable to attach the middle finger which was severed at the tip.  

We've placed calls into the Detroit school district for comment on this story.