Little: The Perfect Opportunity To Just Kick Back and Laugh

Sometimes that's all you want to do

Terri Lee-Sylvester
April 12, 2019 - 8:15 am

DETROIT (WWJ) - Sometimes you just need to kick back and laugh.  And the new movie "Little" gives you a number of opportunities to do just that.

"Little" stars big screen newcomer Marsai Martin who's no stranger to TV audiences.  The 14-year-old Martin stars as Diane Johnson on the long-running ABC-TV show Black-ish.  In "Little," she stars as 13-year-old Jordan Sanders, as well as the adult version of Sanders trapped inside a 13-year-old body.  Regina Hall stars as the adult Jordan, the successful owner of a tech firm, specializing in building apps, software, hardware and games.  She lives the high life: wearing beautiful designer clothes and tooling around town in her expensive BMW sports car.  While from the outside, she looks like she has it all, in actuality, she's lonely -- refusing to let anyone, not even her boyfriend -- get too close.  She also bullies everyone who works for her, especially her assistant, April.

When we first meet little Jordan, she's a middle school brainiac who gets bullied by her schoolmates.  That's what leads her, as an adult, to become a bully herself.  She wants to hurt other people before they get a chance to hurt her, so she doesn't even give people a chance to be nice to her.

Jordan is even mean to Stevie, a young girl who is a friend of April's.  Stevie's father owns a food truck, and while the truck is parked outside of Jordan's company, JSI, Stevie entertains the company's employees and other people in the area with her magic tricks. It's Stevie who puts a spell on Jordan, and when Jordan wakes up the next day, she's in her 13-year-old body.  When April sees Jordan and learns what has happened, she has no other choice than to become her guardian.  And Jordan has no other choice but to return to  middle school, a place she dreads.  At least until she meets her new teacher.


Issa Rae, known for Awkward Black Girl and Insecure, holds her own as April.  Regina Hall nails the role of the adult Jordan and Marsai Martin does a wonderful job juggling between the young Jordan and the younger-looking one.

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