Lyrids meteor shower

Look Up! Don't Miss Dazzling Lyrid Meteor Shower Monday Night

April 22, 2019 - 4:49 pm

(WWJ) Coming to a night sky near you: the Lyrid meteor shower.

According to Astronomer Mike Narlock at the Cranbrook Institute of Science, metro Detroiters may be able to catch the out-of-this-world show, which occurs when Earth passes through the dusty trail left behind by a comet, Monday night (April 22) and early Tuesday morning.

"What it will look like it streaks of light across the sky as the remnants of a comet's tail are being burned up in our atmosphere," Narlock told WWJ's Sandra McNeill, adding that this time the tail Michiganders may see is coming from Comet Thatcher. "And the reports are that you could see roughly 18 meteors per hour streak across the sky, which it not too bad."

The key to watching a meteor shower is to go somewhere as dark as possible and make sure you give your eyes enough time to adjust — at least 20-30 minutes.  

"Midnight or thereafter, just go out, get a towel, get a blanket, lay down, look up and let your eyes do all the work," Narlock said.

Because meteors can appear all across the sky, the naked eye is the best tool you can use; telescopes and binoculars will narrow your view. 

What are you chances? While it does not appear it'll be a overly cloudy night, there could be one issue. The very bright moon, Narlock said, could make viewing conditions a bit challenging.