Man Fleeing Police Driving Wrong-Way On Southfield Causes Several Near Misses

"Everything happened so fast."

July 17, 2018 - 5:12 pm

DETROIT (WWJ) - An Allen Park man is shaken up after he barely misses a wrong-way driver who was fleeing police. 

Ron Redmond was driving northbound on the Southfield Freeway near Joy Road when suddenly a black SUV came straight at him -- driving southbound. 

Redmond was able to swerve into another lane, missing the wrong-way driver by inches:

"Everything happened so fast, you only have time to react - quick, it's seconds that all this is happening. You don't really think it all through but at that moment is happening my very next thought was worried for the people behind me, what was going to happen?"

"As all the traffic was starting to swerve in front of me - I thought it was going to be an accident ... the car was not slowing down or stopping - police were on the service drive." 

Police say the driver of the SUV hit a Detroit police car at a gas station in the area and then fled southbound on the northbound service drive before jumping on to the freeway. 

Almost all the cars came to a complete stop because the people were probably all shaken and then they just slowly drove away," said Redmond.

No arrests were made. Police did not pursue the chase of the wrong-way driver.