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Man Playing NWA's Police Protest Song Gets Slapped With Ticket

He pulled up near a deputy at a gas station in Pontiac

June 07, 2018 - 7:32 pm

PONTIAC (WWJ) - A Waterford man is fighting back after he says he received a ticket for blasting a protest song against the police.

James Webb's attorney Nick Somberg says it happened at a Pontiac BP gas station where an Oakland County Sheriff's deputy had pulled over a man and was writing him a ticket. 

That's when Webb pulled up while playing NWA's anti-cop rap, "F*** tha Police."

Webb pulled up next to the two cars, "and so (a police) protest (song) started playing, and the police officer basically got upset at the lyrics of the song and decided to write him a misdemeanor," says Somberg. 

The misdemeanor was written up for violating a noise ordinance usually reserved for ear-piercing sounds. According to Somberg - it's a misdemeanor that carries up to three months in jail.

Somberg got involved when someone forwarded him the Facebook post of Webb -- where he posted a photo of the ticket. 

Somberg telling WWJ's Sandra McNeill this is a First Amendment fight.  

"If he were playing a song 'I love the police' at the same volume would he have written him a misdemeanor? Probably not."

The song is on NWA's "Straight Outta Compton" album from 1988.