Baby Alligator


Metro Detroit Resident Finds Alligator In Backyard Pond

July 17, 2018 - 4:50 pm

ALLEN PARK (WWJ) - Police were called when a cold blooded visitor caused a scare in a downriver neighborhood.

According to Allen Park Police, a resident was walking back to her house from her garage, Monday evening, when she saw something lurking underwater in the backyard pond.

As it turns out, said Lt. James Soben, the uninvited guest -- seen in pictures posted to the department's Facebook page -- was a three-foot long baby alligator.

Where did the critter come from?

"We have no idea," Soben told WWJ's Sandra McNeill. "The location's not near any creeks or, you know, rivers or anything like that. All I can think is maybe it was somebody's pet."

The startled resident called police who then called for reinforcements from the Critter Shop, an exotic pet store in Allen Park.

An employee of the shop responded Soben said, and rangled the little guy with his bare hands.

"Then they're gonna, it sounds like, turn it over to one of the reptile individuals they deal with," the lieutenant said. 

No one was hurt -- including the gator -- and no further investigation is expected.