Photo: Michigan Republicans

Michigan GOP Headquarters Vandalized With Anti-ICE Graffiti

Chairman Laura Cox is a former ICE agent.

June 25, 2019 - 10:16 pm

LANSING, Mich. (WWJ) -- The Michigan Republican Party's headquarters building was targeted by vandalism twice in a three-day span, as someone spray painted "F*** ICE," on the outside of the building, referencing Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Officials say the attacks are targeted at MIGOP Chairman Laura Cox, who was a former ICE agent. The building was hit in the early hours between Friday night and Saturday morning.

Officials again found graffiti featuring the same message -- as well as "F*** Cox" on a basketball hoop -- Tuesday morning. A statement from the party says the GOP, Cox and "the ideal of free speech" was again attacked "by those who wish to silence American voices through intimidation. The vandalism comes amid President Donald Trump's fight against immigration, as many are opposed to some measures he has taken.

"Like children who don’t get their way, these criminals seek to bully those they disagree with, rather than engage in a civil discussion” Cox said in a statement. "These radical thugs choose to intimidate through graffiti and anonymous nighttime attacks, rather than contest their ideas in the press, in the public square and in the polling places. We will continue to fight for our beliefs, and for our President who is attacked for defending our nation’s right to secure its borders. In the face of these cowardly acts, I know the citizens of Michigan will defend the right to free speech, and defend those men and women who protect us along the borders of our Great Nation like my former colleagues in ICE."

Cameras captured someone in the act of the vandalism over the weekend, but authorities were not able to identify a suspect based on the footage.

Anyone who has information about the graffiti should contact police.

Photo: Michigan Republicans