Michigan Man Used Prosthetic Face To Steal From Casinos

WWJ News
July 24, 2020 - 8:05 am

(WWJ) A Harper Woods, Mich., man is facing charges of wire fraud and identity theft after he became a master of disguise -- using a prosthetic face and other disguises to allegedly steal thousands from his victims at casinos. 

WWJ's Beth Fisher reported it was like something out of a Mission Impossible movie when John Colletti, 55, allegedly stole nearly $100,000 from at least 10 people at MGM Grand Casino in Detroit last year. He also snagged more than $20,000 from victims at a casino in Kansas. 

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FBI investigators claim Colletti used disguises that included prosthetic face masks, surgical masks, hats, and glasses, and even a mobility walker to defraud casino customers. He illegally obtained personal information and created fake driver's licenses to make unauthorized e-check withdrawals from Global Payment kiosks inside casinos, federal investigators said.

A man used a fake face to steal
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Colletti was arrested in March at the Prairie Band Casino in Kansas when he was asked for his social security number to collect over $20,000 in cash withdrawals. Disguised as an elderly man, he attempted to escape by ditching the disguise in a restroom -- where pieces of it were later discovered -- but was later caught. 

Federal investigators said when he was nabbed they discovered 83 driver's licenses, 14 insurance cards in multiple names, six open water driver certification cards, two Binghampton University staff ID cards, 19 players cards from various casinos and one social security card under the alias Michael Harris.