A Michigan State Police car

(Photo: WWJ/Mike Campbell)

Michigan State Police To Crack Down On Speeders On Southfield Freeway

June 29, 2018 - 12:41 pm

SOUTHFIELD (WWJ) - If you take M-39, the Southfield Freeway, you may want to ease up on that gas pedal as Michigan State Police step up patrols looking for speeders. 

MSP First Lt. Michael Shaw says a targeted enforcement effort will begin on Monday, July 2, and end on Friday, July 6. 

Speaking to WWJ Newsradio 950, Shaw said he expects troopers to write quite a few tickets.

"Usually when we do any type of enforcement on the Southfield Freeway, the numbers are high," Shaw said. "We've never really done it in conjunction with the holiday week before so we want to kind of see where it's at as far as those number go."

"But, again, we always hope that they're not (speeding), that everybody's doing the speed limit and not driving recklessly and tailgating and driving distracted and thing kind of stuff."

Shaw said police see a lot of rear-end collisions and get a lot of complains from the public about speeders on the Southfield.

"People just don't feel safe at all hours that they're driving out there, and there concerns us a great deal," Shaw said. "Everybody remembers right back in the winter months we went out there and did a targeted campaign on just the Southfield Freeway. It kinda slowed traffic down for awhile, and now we're at the point when it's kind of picked back up again."

During the same week, troopers will also be conducting seat belts enforcement on the north side of the freeway.

Drivers should note: the speed limit on M-39 is 55 mph.