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Mountain Dew's Latest Ad Puts The Upper Peninsula In Wisconsin

Wisconsin, you can't sit with us!

July 10, 2019 - 12:12 pm

(WWJ) The audacity of Wisconsin! Those cheese-loving neighbors to our west, home of the Green Bay Packers, need to stay in their lane.

And their lane doesn't include Michigan's Upper Peninsula, despite what Mountain Dew's latest ad would have you believe. Watch it above to see a color-coded map that shows our own Michigan jewel, the thing that makes us special, as part of the banal land of endless cows.

The map shows the UP as part of Wisconsin. 

Why we oughta ...

Been paddle boarding lately, taken in a stunning lakeview sunset, swam in a lake so large it feels like the ocean? If so, then you've been Up North. And if it was cool, and not boring, then you weren't in Wisconsin. 

Mountain Dew ad

The problem was first spotted by the Upper Peninsula Twitter account, which demanded a correct redrawing of the map or a free case of Mountain Dew for everyone.

Mountain Dew responded this morning, saying they would let the powers-that-be know.