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Muslim Family Told To Go Back To Their Own Country Over Coffee Complaint At Tim Horton's

The employee lobbed the insult while a camera rolled.

July 19, 2019 - 3:11 pm

(WWJ) A question over a missing coffee in the drive through turned into a civil rights complaint when a Muslim family said they were told "go back to your country" by an employee at Tim Horton's in Ypsilanti.

The video shows an irate employee waving her arms angrily and inviting the Dearborn couple to come back to talk to a manager when they come inside to complain about their order.

As they record the incident with a phone, the salty employee tells them to "go back to your own country" -- a phrase that has become a flashpoint in the wake of President Donald Trump leveling it at women of color in Congress.

"I'm a United States citizen! I was born here," the Muslim woman protests, adding that she was born in Michigan.

"Is you? Is you?" the employee demands. Eventually, the man with the Muslim woman tells her they have to go, and they leave peacefully.

But the story isn't over.

The Council on American Islamic Relations of Michigan filed a complaint Friday on behalf of the woman alleging discrimination based on religion and country of origin. 

The incident just came to light, but it happened at about 3 p.m. on June 28 when the Muslim family said they went through the drive-through and someone forgot to include one of their coffee drinks. 

The family stayed in the lane waiting for the second drink, the complaint says, when the clerk asked why they were waiting. 

The clerk, hostile, insisted the couple only ordered and paid for one drink.

She demanded their credit card again. They say they offered it, and paid again.

The coffee had more cream than they wanted, so they asked if the worker could remake it.

The family was told they would have to come inside the restaurant to make their request.

And then the video unfolded. 

Tim Horton's released a statement, saying, "We always want team members and guests to have a positive, welcoming and rewarding experience at our restaurants. Franchisees are independent and responsible for all employment matters. The team member involved in this incident has been terminated by the franchise as Tim Horton's does not tolerate any type of harassment in the workplace."