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Mysterious Groups Of Cats Found Wandering Streets In Warren

Paws For Life is taking care of the cats

June 02, 2018 - 8:41 pm

WARREN, Mich. (WWJ) -- An investigation is underway in Warren after multiple groups of ill and malnourished cats were found roaming the streets over the past week.

Courtney Protz-Sanders, executive director of Paws for Life Rescue, said a resident stumbled upon a group of ill cats in Shaw Park in Warren.

“They’d never seen [the cats> before, they weren’t really going anywhere, and the temperatures were getting very high that day," Protz-Sanders said. "So they called animal control, put out some food and water and we, as volunteers, assisted the city with capturing and taking to the vet."

The next day, another group of cats showed up at the Bronco Lanes bowling alley, and then another group of cats was found near a factory loading dock along College Park.

Protz-Sanders says some of the cats are in pretty bad shape -- but they're hoping all of them will eventually get adopted.

A lot of the cats are suffering from dehydration and are very underweight. Five cats were found already deceased. Four kittens and two adult cats have been hospitalized since last Friday.

"One cat is a year old, and she only weighs two pounds," Protz-Sanders said. "And that’s the size of a healthy, eight-week old kitten.”

Protz-Sanders says it seems the cats appear to be related and may have been from the same home:

"They’re a unique breed, they’re exotic-looking, kind of Persian flat faced cats," she said. 

Protz-Sanders said the city of Warren has launched an investigation and a detective has been assigned to the case.

"We’re just hoping, if anyone out there saw anything or might have security camera footage, that they could call Warren PD and report anything they may have seen,” Protz-Sanders said.