Disney survey

(Image courtesy of CableTV.com)

Hakuna Matata! National Report Reveals Each State's Favorite Disney Film

August 06, 2018 - 2:04 pm

(WWJ) What's the greatest Disney film of all time?

While answers to that question may vary by taste and generation, the clear favorite in Michigan is The Lion King, according to a new survey.

To celebrate last Friday's release of Disney's Christopher Robin, the analysts at CableTV.com created a national report revealing each state's favorite Disney "classic" -- looking at a list of Disney's 25 top animated features of all time.  (Don't quite recognize the characters? Scroll down for a key).

While the highlight of the study is probably the absolutely adorable map, several other aspects stand out.

With the support of 17 states, The Lion King (1994) is America’s favorite, hands down -- putting The Mitten in line with the majority of Americans.  Also notable: We love animals, as a whopping 38 states favored a film with an animal protagonist.

With the most wilderness of any state, Alaska’s respect for wildlife reflects in its favorite movie Bambi (1942). The trippy Alice in Wonderland (1951) is a big deal in New Mexico, which happens to be the only state where residents can legally grow magic mushrooms. 

And if you love Belle's love story the best, you'd be among friends in Great White North. While not a single U.S. state chose Beauty and the Beast, the film was picked by a few regions of Canada. 

Disney survey
(Image courtesy of CableTV.com)

To determine the tip picks, film titles were run through Google Trends data to discover which showed the most interest in over the past five years.

Get more details from the report and see the Canada map at this link