National Weather Service Warns It's 'Downhill From Here'

Christy Strawser
July 31, 2020 - 8:59 am
rain and snow 2-25

(credit: AccuWeather)


(WWJ) The National Weather Service isn't afraid to bring you the cold, hard truth.

Wind, rain, snow -- they're there for it all, bracing metro Detroit and the rest of the Midwest for the worst that could happen.

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Today is no exception: All those reveling in the series of warm, sunny days Michigan has experienced since June need to get ready.

Winter is coming.

The best is probably behind us, according to a Facebook post by the National Weather Service. Residents should expect four more weeks of warm weather, a bit of fall, then snowflakes will start in November and last for what feels like 17 months if Michigan follows its usual trends.

Complain or embrace it, take your pick. Bill Was knows which one he's taking.


"'Downhill' is a matter of perspective and one person's 'downhill' is another person's 'my season is finally here,' he wrote on Facebook. "I moved from Dearborn to semi-rural south central Alaska so I could enjoy cold, snowy winters. Sadly, the fall seasons up here lack the beautiful colors of the hardwoods in the Midwest and are generally short and wet. While Fall was my favorite season in the lower 48 winter is now my fave up here..!"

Adam Hobart joked about another thing that comes into play when the weather swings to cold. A new Midwest uniform emerges that's prepared for anything the weather can bring -- with a combination of sweatshirts, jackets, and shorts.

"Thank goodness! It's been too hot! Bring on September! I want to wear light jackets again. But also shorts for another 4 months," he wrote.

Before the worst comes, a bright and beautiful day is shaping up across the region. Accuweather says to expect a high of 83 degrees with partly sunny skies today. Thunderstorms start Saturday night and continue into early Sunday. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday are expected to have periodic storms with highs in the low 80s.

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