Sterling Heights Police

(Photo: WWJ/Dan Jenkins)

New Online Map Shows Where Crime Takes Place In Sterling Heights

April 22, 2019 - 1:23 pm

(WWJ) Sterling Heights residents have a new way of tracking where crimes are being committed in their community.

The Sterling Heights Police Department announced Monday it has launched a Digital Crime Map tool on the city’s website. Created by the Sterling Heights Information Technology team, the site will be useful for anyone interested in monitoring criminal activity in his or her neighborhood. 

The department said it plans to post all events to which police respond, except those that potentially put a victim at risk or expose an undercover operation.

Residents can also see nearly real-time crime activity based on their current location or a desired location, and residents can also provide anonymous tips through the website if they have information on a crime.

The SHPD said it eventually hopes to use this information to allocate uniformed patrol officers and/or undercover surveillance units to areas of repeated criminal activity.  The tool will also be used to help generate the crime statistics required to fulfill the Uniformed Crime Report (UCR) mandatory reporting requirements.

“Our goal is reducing crime through a better-informed citizenry,” said Sterling Heights Police Captain Ken Pappas, in a media release. “Creating more self-reliance among community members is a great benefit to community-oriented policing efforts and has been proven effective in combating crime.”

Check it out at THIS LINK.