2 Arrested, Weapon Recovered At Detroit's Greektown Casino Hotel

A third suspect is still at large.

WWJ News
February 18, 2020 - 5:12 pm

DETROIT (WWJ) -- Two suspects from Ohio are in custody and another man is at large after authorities discovered a high-powered weapon at Greektown Casino in Detroit on Tuesday.

It all started around 7 a.m. when a fire alarm sounded at the casino. As authorities were searching each floor, they discovered a bag stashed behind an ice machine, containing a weapon Detroit Police Chief James Craig said was an AK-47, often referred to as a "Draco."

Police were able to use surveillance video to track down who put the bag there, leading them to two young men from a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio. At least one of the suspects has a lengthy history with drugs, according to the police chief.

A third suspect was still on the loose, as of Tuesday evening.

Craig said authorities also found a Bible in the bag behind the ice machine. Inside it were some writings that mentioned a number of U.S. cities, initially causing concern over the possibility of a terror threat.

"It caused me pause," Craig said. "When you start mentioning different cities across the country -- is this the potential for a possible terrorist attack? Detroit was not listed, but a couple of the cities that were listed were cities where there have been mass shooting incidents."

In addition to the Detroit Police Department, the FBI and Michigan State Police were also called to the scene and are part of the investigation.

Craig says police are still investigating the incident.

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