50 'Career Criminals' Arrested In Tri-County Fugitive Sweep

WWJ News
January 23, 2020 - 6:47 am

WARREN (WWJ) - Warren police say 50 career criminals are off the streets following a five-day fugitive sweep in metro Detroit. 

Police Commissioner Bill Dwyer said these were dangerous criminals wanted in connection with a number of serious crimes including attempted murder, assault with intent to commit murder, bank robbery, home ivasion, rape, delivery and manufacturing of drugs, child abuse, domestic violence and various weapons charges. 

"Many of those arrested are career criminals who have a history of violence and were a significant threat to public safety," he said. "We will vigorously continue to pursue these fugitives who commit these types of crimes."

In addition to the fugitives arrested, the operation also included three search warrants executed in the cities of Warren, Livonia and Oak Park that resulted the seizure of firearms, narcotics and more than $20,000 in cash.

Although Warren police led the effort, Dwyer said it's about making every community safer. 

"The bottom line is we're attempting to make not only Warren safer, but the cities throughout the tri-county area. Many arrested were outside of Warren and outside of Detroit," he said. "These are dangerous criminals that are career criminals and, quite frankly, as long as they're out, they're going to continue to commit crimes." 

Warren police were assisted in by the U.S. Marshal's Office, along with other federal and local law enforcement.

Last spring, Warren police arrested 35 people in a human trafficking sting, with 46 more suspects brought in just last month.