727 Dead In Michigan From COVID-19, As Confirmed Cases Top 17K

WWJ News
April 06, 2020 - 3:26 pm

(WWJ) No slowdown yet as COVID-19 counts continue their climb in Michigan; with a concentration in metro Detroit. 

New numbers Monday afternoon show Michigan has 17,221 confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus, with a total of 727 related deaths statewide. The official count, documented daily by the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, includes 1,503 new cases and 110 additional deaths reported on Monday.

Michigan cases by county April 6
Map depicts number of cases as of April 6, 2020. (credit: MDHHS)
Looking at metro Detroit: The City of Detroit (counted separately) now has 5,023 cases and 193 deaths, while the rest of Wayne County has 3,247 cases and 153 deaths. Oakland County has 3,380 cases and 185 deaths, and Macomb County has 2,159 cases and 100 deaths. 

Meanwhile, negative test results in Michigan so continue to rise. So far, 30,030 out of 40,581 samples tested by the health department were negative. Note that the state says counts of specimens tested positive will not equal number of people with COVID-19. People may have more than one test or may have had samples tested at an out of state lab.

While the state is not yet reporting coronavirus recoveries, Michigan’s chief medical officer said that is expected to begin later this week.

Dr. Joneigh Khaldun said at a news conference Monday morning that data on the number of people who have recovered should be available this week. He noted that it typically takes several weeks to fully recovery from COVID-19.  "We’ll have to go back 30 days and see where those patients are,” Khaldun added.

“It is very important. We want to know who possibly has antibodies, who can be safely out in public and back to work,” Gov. Gretchen Whitmer said.

There has been no change yet in the age range in Michigan as far as fatalities. The oldest person to die was 107 years old and the youngest was 20.

Here is the latest breakdown of cases by age: 

  •   0 to 19 years 1% of cases, 0% deaths 
  •   20 to 29 years 9% of cases, 1% deaths 
  •   30 to 39 years 13% of cases, 2% deaths 
  •   40 to 49 years 17% of cases, 5% deaths 
  •   50 to 59 years 20% of cases, 12% deaths 
  •   60 to 69 years 18% of cases, 20% deaths 
  •   70 to 79 years 13% of cases, 27% deaths 
  •   80+ years 8% of cases, 34% deaths 
  •   Unkown <1% pf cases, 0% deaths 

See a chart detailing the breakdown of cases by county HERE.

Whitmer announced Monday that another Michigan legislator has tested positive for COVID-19.  Rep. Karen Whitsett of Detroit is said to be doing well. She was not in attendance at the March 17 session and has self-quarantined. The news comes after last week State Rep. Tyrone Carter of Detroit tested positive for the virus, and State Rep. Isaac Robinson of Detroit died of complications from COVID-19.

The State Legislature is set to meet Tuesday to consider an extension of the governor's emergency declaration. Whitmer wants a 70-day extension, while some lawmakers believe it should be shorter.