Custom Apparel Company My Locker Completes $14 Million Expansion In Detroit

The company opted to stay in Corktown.

WWJ News
November 18, 2019 - 4:40 pm

Photo: Jon Hewett / WWJ


DETROIT (WWJ) -- They’ve been in Detroit for two years, but business has been so good for My Locker and its print-on-demand custom clothing model that they needed more room. President and CEO Robert Hake says they could have moved out of the city to save some money on a new facility, but he wanted to stay.

So with the help of the Michigan Economic Development Corporation and Invest Detroit, My Locker just completed a $14 million expansion at their Corktown facility on Rosa Parks Boulevard, which opened Monday.

My Locker offers customizable printing on clothing, hats, blankets and more, and Hake, a Michigan native, says staying in Detroit and offering opportunities to Detroiters was important.

"What we found when we came down was the people. They talk about Detroit grit, and we’ve witnessed it. There are some hard-working, just amazing people down here in Detroit that have really fueled our business and helped it grow to the level that it’s at right now," Hake told WWJ's Jon Hewett.

"We stayed, simply because of the people. Staffing used to be the hardest part of the business and now it’s becoming the easiest part of the business. So that was a big, driving influence on wanting to stay here," Hake said.

With over 200,000 square feet of space, the newly expanded facility features a robotic inventory system and a state-of-the-art production facility for printing. 

Nearly 75% of My Locker’s employees are also Detroiters, and this expansion is expected to triple their workforce to 1,200, according to Hake. While they are seeking to hire around 200 new employees for the holiday season rush, Hake says other full-time positions are available at the facility, located at 1300 Rosa Parks Boulevard.

"Well, it starts as a job. If you’re a hard worker, it turns into a career," Hake said. "That opportunity for growth is very important because it lets the people that really are good, strong, hard-working, honest people grow to the next level and have much more financial stability as they prove their success when they come in."

My Locker offers thousands of different options, ranging from t-shirts to hats, and blankets to laptop sleeves.