Are Men The Weaker Sex When It Comes To COVID-19?

More men with the virus than women are dying, stats show

WWJ News
April 03, 2020 - 2:21 pm

(WWJ) When it comes to the coronavirus, men are not faring as well as women.

In Michigan, men and women are about equal when it comes to testing positive for the coronavirus. But the latest numbers from the Michigan Department of Health and Human Service show that men are more likely to die from COVID-19.

More than 60% of the fatal cases have been men, according to the latest counts.

And it’s not just in Michigan.

According to Dr. Michael Lutz, president of the MIU Men’s Health Foundation, it turns out around the country and the world more men are dying from the virus.

Speaking to WWJ Health Reporter Dr. Deanna Lites, he said one reason may be genetic make-up.

"There's some suspicion that perhaps men maybe have a weaker immune system than their female counterparts," Lutz said, "because women have two x chromosomes where the immune system i actually launched from in the human body, and men only have one x chromosome."

Riskier behavior may also play a role, he explained. For example, Dr. Lutz said men are more likely to smoke, and less likely to get routine health checkups than women. 

Another factor could be differences in personal hygiene. "We know men wash their hands half as well as women wash their hands, in general," according to research, Lutz said.

Frequent and thorough hand washing is an important step to protect yourself from the virus and to prevent it from spreading.

For more information, listen to Dt. Lite's complete interview with Lutz here: