Boys, Ages 13, 14, 17, Charged With Murder Of Dearborn Woman

All were ordered held without bond

WWJ News
September 13, 2019 - 5:52 pm
Philson and Dismuke

Jamel Marquise Philson, left, and Demaurio Dismuke. No photo available of 13-year-old defendant. (Photos: Dearborn police)


DEARBORN (WWJ) - Three teens have been charged with murder in the shooting and armed robbery of a woman in Dearborn

Prosecutors say 17-year-old Jamel Philson of Highland Park, 14-year-old Demaurio Dismuke of Detroit and an unnamed 13-year-old boy were all involved in the slaying of 29-year-old Saja Al-Janabi last week, outside her home on Bingham Street.

"You don't have to necessarily pull the trigger to be charged with felony murder," explained WWJ Legal Anylist Charlie Langton. "If you assist someone that did pull the trigger, that's felony murder."

Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy announced Friday that Philson and Dismuke will be tried as adults, while the youngest defendant will be adult designated, which means the judge will have the option to sentence him as a juvenile or an adult, or some combination. 

"The prosecutor has the discretion to charge anyone over 10 years old with murder," Langton said. "In this case, since the kid was 13 years old, and the prosecutor thinks there's enough evidence to support that, the child can face a murder charge."

"It's unusual, but it happens."

The teens were also charged in another armed robbery and assault, all within an hour the night of Sept. 6. 

"The alleged facts in this case encompass an extremely callous crime spree in Dearborn," said Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy, in a statement. "A trail of destruction was left that included randomly selected armed robberies, a homicide, and an assaultive crime, just because these defendants wanted to do them.”

All three teens were arraigned on the charges Friday afternoon. Bond was denied. The younger two defendants were remanded into custody in the Juvenile Detention Facility, while Philson was remanded to jail. 

Philson and Dismuke are scheduled to appear in court for a Probable Cause Conference on Sept. 20, while the 13-year-old has a Preliminary Examination scheduled for Sept. 24.