Cameras Were Hidden Under Speaker Covers At Shelby Township Tanning Salon

WWJ News
February 18, 2020 - 8:56 am
tanning bed

SHELBY TOWNSHIP (WWJ) - Police in Shelby Township are hot on the tail of a peeping Tom who had multiple hidden cameras installed at a tanning salon. 

The cameras were discovered Friday night at Chili Pepper's Tanning Salon, on Van Dyke near 25 Mile Road, after a patron noticed something suspicious in one of the salon's 10 rooms.

Detectives searched the salon and wound up finding a total of three cameras mounted in the walls of three different tanning rooms. 

"These cameras specifically tapped into the WiFi at the location and then sent a signal out, most likely out to the parking lot, where it was recovered out there to a laptop computer or possibly an iPad or a phone," Police Chief Robert Shelide told WWJ's Charlie Langton.

The cameras were very well hidden and Shelide said they wouldn't have been noticed by someone using a tanning bed. 

"These were the rooms that had the horizontal tanning beds," he said. "It turns out that the guy removed a speaker cover -- that's how he was able to gain access to the wiring and then put his little pinhole cameras in there."

Shelide said he couldn't comment on a possible suspect other than to say that the business owner has been ruled out.

"I've been in law enforcement for 33 years and that was my first instinct when they told me, that this has got to be an inside job," he said. "It's not looking that way now. They have 14 stores total. The other 13 stores have all been checked and they're all clean, there's no cameras."

While the case remains open for now, Shelide said he's confident they will make an arrest. 

"The good news is we have some sophisticated people working for us and we're going to catch this clown," he said. "I promise you that."

Anyone who may have information is asked to contact Shelby Township police at 586-731-2121.