Chaos Erupts After Mayor's Remarks At Detroit City Council Meeting [VIDEO]

WWJ News
March 06, 2020 - 1:24 pm

DETROIT (WWJ) -  Discord and disorder at the Coleman A. Young Municipal Center. 

The Detroit City Council meeting ended early Friday, WWJ's Vickie Thomas reports, when chaos erupted following Mayor Mike Duggan's budget address.

Apparently, some people in the audience were unhappy about some of the things Duggan had to say, and didn't get a chance to tell him about it. 

"Things got out of hand after the mayor left the council meeting, as public comment was about to get underway," Thomas explained. "Residents wanted him to listen to their comments, so there was a bit of an uproar. The mayor said he has a prior meeting scheduled, so he did tell the crowd that." 

Things then escalated a bit when City Council President Brenda Jones attempted to quiet the crowd; one man making what what Thomas described as "some unflattering remarks" in Jones' direction. "Stop acting like a bitchy queen!," the man is heard shouting. "You are not Marie Antoinette, you are not Queen Elizabeth!" 

Then things just disintegrated from there, and the meeting was abruptly ended by the council.

**Note: Video clips below are unedited and contains explicit language not suitable for some viewers. 

Video shows police standing by, at times moving to seperate squabble groups.

"I pay my taxes for you to work!... You're going to have some respect," a man is heard yelling at council members, as outcries from several others in the crowd are unintelligible over the din. 

No injuries were reported, and there did not appear to be any arrests. 

Looking at the mayor's proposal: Duggan is calling for a $2.2 billion budget, including $1.08 billion for the general fund. He's also proposing putting hundreds of additional police officers on the streets. 

"We want to have total hiring of 400 this year. And this includes filling vacant positions, it means replacing people who retire," Duggan said. "But we have historically been hiring 250, and had about 250 leave. Our goal this year is to hire 400, so we'reactually putting more officers in the street, and that's the focus of what we're doing/" 

Duggan also wants millions of dollars to shore up the city's retirement protection and rainy day funds.