Craig Pulls DPD From DEA Task Force In Wake Of Kenyel Brown Killing Spree

Brown, accused of six murders, was working as an informant.

WWJ News
March 03, 2020 - 6:59 pm
Kenyel Brown

Kenyel Brown (Photo: US Marshals Service)


DETROIT (WWJ) -- Detroit Police Chief James Craig has pulled his department from a joint task force with the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency in the aftermath of the alleged murder spree by Kenyel Brown.

Brown, who is accused of killing six people in recent months, had worked as an informant on a joint DEA-DPD task force. Craig has been public about his "trust issues" with the federal agency after learning Brown had been released by a federal judge, despite multiple parole violations.

Craig says he hasn't gotten any straight answers from the feds as to why Brown was kept out of jail despite the violations.

"I wish I could answer that question for you," Craig said at a press conference Tuesday.

He wants to know who was in the room at the time of the decision and why the judge reached that decision.

"In my judgement it was a bad decision. The judge recognized that this person was a danger," Craig said.

Craig recently met with DEA officials and U.S. Attorney Matthew Schneider, and says that meeting became somewhat contentious, as he defended his department, saying Brown worked for the feds, not the Detroit Police Department.

"It was a refusal to really acknowledge that this DPD officer was clearly working for the DEA," Craig said.

Craig said that despite being paid $150 by the police for a tip that didn't pan out, Brown was a federal informant.  

Brown is accused of six homicides in across the metro Detroit area, dating back to January -- three in River Rouge, two in Detroit and one in Highland Park -- all of which are believed to be tied to drugs or money.

"Had I known that Brown committed well over seven or eight violations, he would not have been considered."

Brown died last week after spending several days in the hospital. He shot himself in the head after a police pursuit on Feb. 24. He had been spotted by an empolyee of an adult bookstore near the border of Detroit and Oak Park, and officers tracked him down in that area.

In a written statement, Schneider says his office is actively conducting an investigation into federal law enforcement contacts and interactions with Brown. 

"A full and comprehensive investigation is essential to provide the public with an accurate accounting of what occurred," the statement said. "The relevant federal law enforcement agencies, including ATF and DEA, have been fully cooperative and transparent with my office during this inquiry. I have asked ATF and DEA to refrain from making public statements while the investigation is pending.  My office is working very hard to complete this investigation promptly. I intend to inform the public of my findings in the near future. I appreciate the public’s patience while my office gets to the bottom of this matter."