Testing The KFC Firelog: Does It Smell Like Fried Chicken?

Our very un-scientific results are in.

WWJ News
December 11, 2019 - 9:27 am

By George Fox

By popular demand, Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) brought back the 11 Herbs and Spices Firelog. It sold out quickly on Walmart.com at $18.99 each with free shipping.

Before burning the KFC Firelog the packaging smelled as advertised like 11 herbs and spices, but in comparison, burning it was a major letdown.

As far as firelogs go the KFC version performed beautifully. It lit quickly and easily and burned efficiently for a long time. It put off a nice amount of heat which was pleasant on a cold Michigan morning in December.

KFC Firelog In The Box
(George Fox/WWJ)

A number of Entercom Radio Detroit staffers put the aroma to the test. 

Early on, WWJ Newsradio 950 reporter Charlie Langton gave his instant reaction and said, "I'm smelling one spice right now. Maybe one herb."

Langton found the item for sale on Ebay for as much as $500. Collectors and fast food fans could be snatching them up purely for the novelty. 

Entercom Account Executive, Jason Matthews shrugged at the thought of whether it actually smelled like fried chicken. He described it as "smoky chicken".

KFC Firelog Burning
(credit: George Fox/WWJ)

Maybe you just have to be in the Kentucky Fried spirit?

98.7 The Breeze morning show host Chadd Thomas said it smelled sweet and he got hints of mashed potatoes and gravy. His co-host Kristi Thomas was craving the Colonel's recipe after smelling the burning log. It's hard to decipher how much placebo effect is in play considering everyone went in knowing it is supposed to smell like KFC.

Our test begs the question. Is the world ready for a really pungent fried chicken firelog? What would the reaction be in your household if the aroma of chicken thickly lingered in the air for hours or days? Would KFC be liable for a house rendered un-inhabitable by chicken smell?

The bottom line? The KFC Firelog smells a lot more like a 12-piece bucket of original recipe BEFORE you burn it.