Groomer Can't Believe The Emotional Surprise Her Co-Workers Set Up After She Lost Two Dogs

Watch as it dawns on them both. They're going home together.

WWJ News
July 10, 2020 - 2:30 pm

Vikki Sapp of Waco, Texas volunteers her time to groom rescue animals. When she lost two of her own pets within a month, she was destroyed. Her co-workers had a plan to help.

Sapp, who worked at the local Woof Gang Bakery and Grooming said her co-workers loved her dogs Diego and Daisy who she often took to work. "I loved them! They were my two best friends," said Sapp.

Diego dug under her fence and was hit by a car. Daisy ran away soon after and hasn't been found.

Vikki Sapp and Layla (formerly Cotton)
(credit and consent: Vikki Sapp)

A friend of an employee at the groomer knew of a dog that needed a home. They knew it wasn't being cared for properly and when she came in she was in rough shape. 

"Her hair was so matted it was like a body cast," said Sapp.

Sapp was worried about sending Cotton back to where she came from, but she didn't know yet that Cotton would be going home with her.

Her co-workers shot a video that was posted to their company's private Facebook group, but quickly was reposted all over. 

While grooming Cotton, Sapp remembers saying, "I can't send her back." "I must have said it 150 times," she told WWJ. 

Her fellow employees let her in on the plan subtly. In the video you can hear someone on the phone, loud enough for Sapp to hear say, "yes, Ms. Sapp, we just wanted to call and let you know that your dog Cotton is ready to go now."

"What y'all lookin' at?" asked Sapp through the glass as several people watched for her reaction.

"What is that?" she asked as a co-worker handed over a take-home bag full of goodies for the pup. 

"I don't have a dog yet," she said in the video. "It started to dawn on me," she told WWJ.

"No," overwhelmed with joy, Sapp shouted in the video.

Cotton, who was re-named to Layla by Sapp looks around the room at everyone wagging her tail as if trying to help in some way with her cuteness.

The video has gone viral being viewed on TikTok more than 700,000 times on a single post and being reposted on Reddit receiving thousands of comments from undoubtedly teary-eyed users.

"I think cotton realized the same time as the lady that she had a new mummy." posted user Dolli-su.

Sapp is currently not working due to her risk factors for COVID-19, but her and Layla are at home and happy. 

Vikki Sapp and Layla (formerly Cotton)
(credit and consent: Vikki Sapp)

"I'm just resting right now. I'm tired," admitted Vikki as her phone notifications chimed insistently. 

A big act of kindness brought some much-needed joy into Sapp's life thanks to her observant co-workers. 

Sapp thinks pretty highly of dogs and said, "They're the best things made."