Four Hot Mobile Gadgets For Spring Break

The Razr foldable screen is something to see.

Brooke Allen
March 04, 2020 - 1:09 pm

There are plenty of gadgets to make traveling during Spring Break a cinch and the Verizon Gadget guy Steve Van Dinter gave WWJ Midday's Brooke Allen the 411. 

Pop Sockets

While a pop socket may add bling to your phone, it does much more.

"It's a multi-use feature," said Van Dinter adding that it stabilizes the device in your hand as well as serves as a stand for multimedia viewing and taking selfies.

Pop sockets come in a multitude of designs to fit your personality and cost typically less than $15. 

Google Stadia

If you can't be away from your gaming system on spring break, you have options. The Google Stadia controller connects to your mobile device to play games streamed from the cloud.

Sign up for Verizon Fios Gigabit internet ($79.99/month) and get a free Stadia Premiere Edition subscription.

Samsung S20+

If you love taking vacation pictures, you'll love this. The Samsung S20+ 5G launches Friday.

It touts multiple cameras and an edge-to-edge "infinity" screen which is great for vacation photography. Van Dinter describing the display quality said, "It's absolutely stunning."

The new Samsung will use 5G technology allowing faster download speeds. Fast is an understatement. "It was less than two seconds to download a full HD movie," said Van Dinter reporting on a test he did in Detroit.

The S20+ retails at $1,199.99 or $49.99 monthly for two years. 

Motorola Razr

The popular phone from the mid-2000s is back with a large foldable screen. Even folded, the device has an outer screen to show notifications and take pictures. 

"It's wild to see that screen as it folds. It's pretty amazing technology," said Van Dinter. That amazing technology comes with a big price tag. The Razr retails at $1,499.99 or $62.49 monthly for two years.