Gas Drops Below $2 A-Gallon At Stations Across Metro Detroit

WWJ News
March 09, 2020 - 2:29 pm
gas pump

(WWJ) Fill 'er up, folks! Gas prices are cheap, cheap, cheap in metro Detroit — particularly on the east side. 

Monday afternoon, members will find gas for $1.88 to $1,89 per gallon at various and CostCo and Sam's Club locations. including in Roseville, Utica, Madison Heights and Shelby Township.

But, unlike over the weekend, you won't need a membership to one of those clubs to pay less than $2. 

Here are the cheapest gas prices reported in metro Detroit, as of Monday afternoon: 

$1.89 a-gallon at Exxon - 1845 E 12 Mile Rd & Dequindre Rd. in, Madison Heights; BP - 30991 Groesbeck Hwy & 13 Mile Rd. in Roseville; and CITGO - 1849 E 11 Mile Rd & Dequindre in Madison Heights. 

$1.92 a-gallon at Marathon - 1950 E 11 Mile Rd & Dequindre Rd. in Warren.   

$1.93 a-gallon at Speedway - 13555 East 14 Mile Rd. & Schoenherr Rd. in Sterling Heights; Valero - 11550 E 13 Mile Rd. & Hoover Rd. in Warren;  Speedway - 15175 E 13 Mile Rd & Hayes Rd. in Warren; Kroger - 13715 E 13 Mile Rd. near Schoenherr Rd. in Warren; Valero - 30990 Utica near 13 Mile Rd. in Roseville; Marathon - 31185 Utica Rd. & Groesbeck Hwy. in  Fraser. 

Of course, these could change or go up anytime. CLICK HERE for updates or to find a station closer to you. 

Analysts say the drop is driven by oil prices that are plunging after major producers failed to agree to a plan to prop up crude prices over the weekend; and also by fears of declining energy demand due to economic disruption from the coronavirus. Earlier Monday, Bloomberg said oil futures fell by about one-third in New York and London, the biggest drop since the Gulf War in 1990.

Regardless of the why, it's welcome news for drivers. 

"Everybody, they like it, so we have good business," said Andy Elhadi, manager of the Warren Valero. "They're happy about the price, they thank us for it...and it's always going to keep coming down for us." 

While she was glad to see gas going for cheap, Sandra DeAngelo of Warren said she’s not buying into the virus "hype."

"I'm not real concerned yet. I think a lot of it is overreaction and a lot of hype," DeAngelo said. "I mean, I think it's serious, but I don't think it's quite that serious. Must be a slow news day."

AAA said Monday morning its latest survey found the statewide average at $2.24 a-gallon.