'Hazing' Of Coyotes Encouraged As Sightings Increase In Metro Detroit

Farmington police offer advice to concerned residents

WWJ News
October 29, 2019 - 11:23 am
Coyote in the suburbs

FARMINGTON (WWJ) - Police are reaching out to the public over concerns about coyotes in the City of Farmington, and elsewhere in metro Detroit

The Farmington Department of Public Safety on Tuesday sent a community alert in response to residents reporting an increase in the number of coyote sightings in the city.

Guidelines from the Humane Society of the U.S. sent to residents encourage "hazing" of coyotes: a method that experts say can help maintain coyotes' fear of humans and deter them from backyards and play spaces.

One simple idea singled out by police: People should carry whistles when walking in areas where coyotes are known to wander, as the loud noise should scare off a coyote.  

According to Oakland County Parks, fewer than 1% of coyotes become nuisances to people and they rarely attack humans.  However, coyotes who have adapted to urban and suburban environments may realize there are few real threats and may approach people or feel safe visiting yards even when people are present; especially when in search of food. 

Hazing, which can help discourage this, can include yelling and waving your arms while approaching the coyote, using noisemakers -- such as the whistles, air horns, bells, “shaker” cans full of marbles or pennies, pots, lids or pie pans banged together. 

Throwing sticks, or small rocks, or using a water hose, squirt gun, pepper spray or bear repellent may also work to scare coyotes away. 

Find more recommendations on how to handle encounters with coyotes at THIS LINK