'A Lot Has Happened' In Dig For Remains Of Missing Girls In Macomb Township

Unspecified items have been uncovered

WWJ News
August 23, 2019 - 5:04 pm
macomb dig

photo: WWJ/Mike Campbell


MACOMB TWP. (WWJ) - While no bodies have been found, some clues may have been uncovered in a search for multiple missing girls suspected to be victims of a serial killer.

According to sources speaking to WWJ Newsradio 950 on Friday, investigators digging in northern Macomb County have apparently found some items of interest. 

Family members of at least one of the girls have been asked to review several unspecified items, which reports say may include clothing.

The search site, near 23 Mile Road and the Clinton River in Macomb Township, is where the remains of 13-year-old Cindy Zarzycki of Eastpointe were discovered back in 2008.

Convicted killer 70-year-old Arthur Ream led investigators to the site. Behind bars for Zarzycki's slaying, he remains a suspect in the decades-old cases of up to six other missing girls.

While Warren Police Commissioner Bill Dwyer didn't want to discuses exactly was found, this week, he said investigators feel they're on the right track.

"At this point a lot has happened at the site, which I cannot divulge at this time," Dwyer told WWJ's Jon Hewett. "But we feel that we're going to be and have made progress and we will continue with the investigation."

Dwyer said the excavation was ongoing Friday afternoon; with police, the Macomb County Sheriff's Office and the FBI all on the scene. 

"Obviously we haven't found any human remains yet, so that's why we haven't called a press conference, but the task force is still working at the site as we speak, and we're going to continue through the day," he said. "If we find nothing now this will continue to be an ongoing investigation and we will provide any updates that we receive."

One of the girls police are looking for is Kimberly King, who was 12 years old when she disappeared in 1979. Ream is also a suspect in the case of Kellie Brownlee, who was 17 when she was last seen at Twelve Oaks Mall in Novi in 1982, and Kim Larrow, who was 15 when she disappeared from Canton 1981.

Dwyer said the digging was expected to be suspended for the weekend.