Man Arrested In Ferndale Road Rage Shooting

WWJ News
July 31, 2020 - 12:37 pm

(WWJ) A suspect is in custody after a road rage shooting in Ferndale.

Ferndale police were called to the scene in the area of eastbound 8 Mile Rd. and Livernois, at around 5:45 p.m. Thursday, on a report of a possible shooting.

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The victim, who met up with police in a parking lot, told officers another driver had shot at his vehicle during a "traffic altercation."

No injuries were reported.

After further investigation, Ferndale Police detectives were able to identify the alleged gunman. He was arrested several hours later, and two handguns were seized. 

No further details about what led up to the shooting have been released, and no charges have been announced in the case.

Police said the investigation was still ongoing on Friday. 

This comes as Michigan State Police have reported 15 shootings on Detroit-area freeways since mid-June, many of them linked to road rage. 

Police continue to urge driver not to engage in traffic disputes; MSP replying to WWJ's tweet about the Ferndale incident with this message:

"Again, just let it go. Driving just isn’t that important that you feel the need to yell, use gestures or assault others with words, fists or guns. Drivers need to de-escalate these situations and #Letitgo."