Man Claims He Is D'wan Sims Who Disappeared 25 Years Ago

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December 13, 2019 - 10:28 am
D'wan Sims

D'wan Sims


DETROIT (WWJ) - He disappeared 25-years ago this week from a mall in Livonia and has been presumed dead. But is D'wan Sims still alive and living in metro Detroit?

A man has come forward saying he may be Sims, and he's given police a DNA sample for testing. 

dwan sims aged
D'Wan Sims photo is shown age-progressed to 24 years. (Center for Missing & Exploited Children)

Police say it will be about two or three months before they receive the results of the DNA test. In the meantime, they say the case remains open and all tips will be investigated.

Sims was 4-years-old when he was reported missing by his mother on Dec. 11, 1994. She told police he vanished while they were shopping at the Wonderland Mall. However, surveillance video never showed the two together, leading some investigators to believe Sims never made it to the mall that day.

Livonia Police Captain Ron Tag told WWJ Newsradio 950 that police have put a lot of effort into the case over the past two decades, and he would love to see a resolution.

What's strange, Tag says, is that Sims' family — including his mother — have had no interest in this man who's come forward. 

"I find it very unusual in my line of work that I think anybody that has any type of tragic incident like this, and possibly that there's a second chance here?" Tag said.

"If this was your child, and you had hopes that he was still alive and still around, would you be blocking him on Facebook? I guess my other question would be: Where would you be once we called you with this information? I know where I could be. The lobby of the police department." 

Tag said, despite the family's disinterest, police will "exhaust all measures and means" to try to figure out what happened to the boy. 

The most recent age-progressed photo released by the Center for Missing and Exploited Children shows what Sims might possibly look like at age 24.

Anyone who has information is asked to contact the Livonia Police Department's missing persons unit at 734-421-2900.