Man Livestreams His Own Police Chase In Macomb, Detroit, Begs Cops To Stop Him, Claims To Be Jesus [VIDEO]

He also tried to light a fire at a local gas station.

WWJ News
November 08, 2019 - 9:30 am

DETROIT (WWJ) - A suspect has been taken into custody after livestreaming his own police chase in Detroit. 

The chase started early Friday morning in Macomb County, at 21 Mile and Schoenherr Rd., according to police, where the suspect allegedly poured gas out at a gas station, tried to light it on fire, then took off. 

Police said the 23-year-old man then began to record himself on Facebook live around 2:30 a.m., saying he was headed into the city to see if he could make police chase after him. 

"Apparently he was pursued by officers from Macomb County and Warren Police, that lost him in the area of 7 Mile and Hoover," police said in a statement. 

Officers eventually spotted the suspect's red Ford F-150 on Jefferson Avenue and activated their lights and siren -- all while the man continued to film. 

"When they witnessed his erratic driving and his speed, that's when they responded to try to initiate a traffic stop," Detroit Police James Craig told WWJ's Jon Hewett and other reporters at a news conference, Friday afternoon. "So they were unaware of the livestreaming on Facebook"

Craig said some people watching the livestream were cheering the driver on. 

"There were others, and I don't know who was in the majority -- I would hope that there's more good people out there who were trying to tell him that he needed to stop what he was doing," Craig said. "But there were some literally encouraging him on to do what he was doing."

In the video,  the man drives for more than 45 minutes, listening to local radio stations, taunting police who are "scared" to keep chasing him. He wonders why they call off various pursuits, and accuses them of stopping for doughnuts.

He says he's going to kill cops, and asks people to tag Detroiters who will help him.

He also refers to himself as Jesus Christ.



Eventually, the driver abruptly made a U-turn, according to police, drove directly toward the scout car and struck the passenger side of the vehicle.The suspect was taken into custody at the scene for felonious assault of a police officer and reckless driving. 

The whole ordeal lasted about 40 minutes, the entire thing livestreamed.

The two officers complained of knee pain and were taken to the hospital. Craig said both were treated for minor injuries and released. 

The incident remains under investigation.