MRA Announces Recall On Marijuana Vape Products

High levels of vitamin E acetate were found in the cartridges.

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December 17, 2019 - 6:07 pm
vape products

(WWJ) -- The Michigan Marijuana Regulatory Agency has issued a health and safety advisory bulletin regarding numerous vape cartridges that have been recalled after failing laboratory testing and a high presence in a chemical that has been linked to vaping related lung illnesses.

The MRA says the amount of vitamin E acetate -- a chemical additive in THC-containing vape products -- was found to be well over the limit of quantitation in several types of cartridges that have been sold at multiple marijuana dispensaries in Michigan.

Under the November 22, 2019 emergency rules for products intended for inhalation, all products manufactured prior to that date require testing for vitamin E acetate. The emergency rules prohibit a licensee from adding inactive ingredients not approved by the FDA for inhalation, according to the MRA. Michigan banned the sale of all marijuana vaping products in November.

Vitamin E acetate is a synthetic form of vitamin E and is often used safely in some nutritional supplements and skin creams, but studies have shown it is not safe to inhale. The CDC has identified vitamin E acetate as a chemical of concern among people with vaping-related lung injury. The death toll linked to vaping-related lung injuries in the country has surpassed 50, while their have been at least two deaths in Michigan.

Many of the vape cartridges included in this recall have levels of vitamin E acetate greater than 500 times the limit of quantitation (LOQ), which is 100 parts per million (ppm). All products included in this notice were purchased from registered primary caregivers.

All affected vape cartridges will have a label that indicates the license number of the marijuana facility that packaged the marijuana product as well as a tag number assigned to the product in the statewide monitoring system.

Here is a rundown of the products that have been recalled:

Elite Wellness (Bay City)

This recall affects the following marijuana products sold between May 15, 2019 and November 19, 2019 from Elite Wellness Bay City – License PC-000031 – located at 3389 Huron Road, Bay City, MI 48706:

Cereal Cart 1G – 1A4050100000643000001005

  • Fruit Loops – Vitamin E detected at 68432 ppm
  • Trix – Vitamin E detected at 20192 ppm
  • Frankenberry – Vitamin E detected at 44994 ppm

Dank Vape 1G – 1A4050100000643000001058

  • Durban Poison – Vitamin E detected at 53755 ppm
  • Mimosa – Vitamin E detected at 57011 ppm
  • Tangie – Vitamin E detected at 65174 ppm

Elite Wellness (Mount Morris)

This recall affects the following marijuana products sold between August 3, 2019 and November 22, 2019 from Elite Wellness Mount Morris – License PC-000162 – located at 9423 N. Dort Hwy., Mt. Morris, MI 48458:

Cereal Cart – 1A4050100001771000000117

  • Honey Nut Cherios – Vitamin E detected at 15738 ppm​​​​​​​
  • Trix – Vitamin E detected at 105 ppm
  • Cocoa Puffs – Vitamin E detected at 25693 ppm
  • Captain – Vitamin E detected at 15497 ppm

Monopoly Cart – 1A4050100001771000000130

  • Grape Soda – Vitamin E detected at 14277 ppm
  • Gelato – Vitamin E detected at 156 ppm

Royal Highness Princess Pie – 1A4050100001771000000073 (Vitamin E detected at 23470 ppm)

Savage Stick Sundae Driver – 1A4050100001771000000136 (Vitamin E detected at 60299 ppm)

Patients or caregivers who have these affected vape cartridges in their possession should return them to Elite Wellness for proper disposal. Elite Wellness must notify patients or caregivers that purchased these vape cartridges of the recall.

Larren Investments, LLC

This recall affects the following caregiver products purchased by Larren Investments, LLC (Grower License GR-A-00059); these products were recalled by the MRA before they made it to provisioning centers:

WCE Blueberry Distillate – Vitamin E detected at 262 ppm

WCE Gelato Distillate – Vitamin E detected at 2434 ppm

WCE Sour Diesel Distillate – Vitamin E detected at 229 ppm

WCE Skywalker OG Distillate – Vitamin E detected at 260 ppm

Patients who have experienced symptoms after using any of these products should report their symptoms and product use to their physician. Patients and caregivers are requested to report any adverse product reactions to the MRA via email: or via phone: 517-284-8599.