Police Chief Hopes To Secure Safe Location For Drag Racing In Detroit

WWJ News
February 18, 2020 - 11:50 am

DETROIT (WWJ) - As police continue a crackdown on so-called illegal drifting in Detroit, the chief says he's trying to secure a safe location for drag racing in the city.

Chief James Craig said it's all part of the Detroit Police Department's effort to spectators from getting hit by cars, or freeways being shut down by drivers doing donuts.

"Because we're not talking about professional drivers," Craig told WWJ's Vickie Thomas on Tuesday. "Most of them are not professional drivers, and they're operating cars in excess of 700 horsepower, and it takes someone with significant skill to manipulate a car in that way." 

"Imagine being on the freeway and losing control and going over the median and striking a family in oncoming traffic. That's our issue, so we're not gonna tolerate it," Craig said. "And, again, you can't outrun a helicopter." 

At the same time, the chief said he's "ecstatic" about meetings his department has been having regarding a plan to find a secure and sanctioned place for these stunt drivers to do their thing.

As for exactly where this location might be, who is involved in the talks, and how it would work, the chief isn't saying too much.

"Certainly there's an owner of a private location that we've been talking to," Craig said "so we hope to have some good news in several weeks."

This comes after a couple of high-profile cases of drag racers and drifters blocking freeways in Detroit. One particular incident last summer made headlines when a video in which a a woman shouts "We on the Lodge wit' it!" went viral. 

A handful of people have been identified and cited by police in connection with those incidents.