DTE Power Plant Implosion Thrills, Does Some Damage In Detroit [VIDEO]

WWJ News
December 13, 2019 - 4:28 pm

DETROIT (WWJ) - A massive power plant on Detroit's east side has been demolished with a bang. 

In a matter of seconds, DTE Energy on Friday imploded the 104-year-old Conners Creek Power Plant, which had not been used in over a decade. 

"I think that was a powerful, powerful thing," said resident John Stapleton. "Never seen anything like it." 

The blasts could be heard for miles. 

"It was thrilling," said Susan McDonald, was also there to watch it happen. "It was a lot of tonnage coming down, that's for sure, and it was a good, neat job. They had it all planned out — they'd been working on it for a couple years — and it came down real sweet."

Less than thrilled, however, were a couple of local residents who said the blast did some damage.

"It was terrifying," said Maureen Miller, who lives across the street in the upscale Morgan Waterford Estates neighborhood. 

She said her foyer window was blown out.

"We just jumped," she told WWJ's Mike Campbell. "Because I was like, OK, I know it's coming, but I didn't know it was gonna sound like that. They made it sound like it was gonna be real quick, real simple."

Laton Crocker said his house also suffered some structural damage, including cracks in the ceiling.

"My problem is way more than just the window, but DTE said they're on it. We have to now come up with a strategy because my wife is hosting her office Christmas party tomorrow. Yeah, we have a lot of work to do." 

DTE did have crews on the scene almost immediately to repair the damage. 

The plant is being cleared to make way for Fiat Chrysler's new assembly plant. In turn, DTE will get parcels of land from the city for new substations and service centers.