Recall Issued For Medical Marijuana Sold At Detroit Dispensary

WWJ News
January 11, 2020 - 3:21 pm

DETROIT (WWJ) - You might not want to spark up that joint.

The Marijuana Regulatory Agency has issued a recall for medical marijuana sold at a Detroit dispensary which failed safety compliance testing. The recalled products were also sold at two locations in Bay City. 

All affected medical marijuana is required to have a label affixed to the container that indicates the METRC number assigned to the marijuana product. Patients and caregivers should look for the production batch number associated with the product name or the individual package number which can be found under the name of the provisioning center at which the product was sold.

This recall affects the following products sold at three provisioning centers in the state of Michigan between 10/14/2019 and 1/6/2020:

Production batch: 1A4050100002330000000009
Product name: Orange Burst – Buds
Failed testing: Chemical Residue (Paclobutrazol) 
•Pharmaco, Inc. (PC-000249)
3650 Patterson RD
Bay City MI 48706
Individual Package # 1A4050100002330000000415 
•Pharmaco, Inc. (PC-000261)
3557 Wilder RD
Bay City MI 48706
Individual Package # 1A4050100002330000000416   
•Pharmaco, Inc. (PC-000205)
20561 Dwyer ST
Detroit MI 48234         
Individual Package # 1A405010000233000000041

Patients and caregivers who have recalled products should return them to the provisioning center where they were purchased for proper disposal.