Red Cross Issues Urgent Call For Blood Donations As Pandemic Intensifies

WWJ News
March 17, 2020 - 8:44 am

Photo: Dreamstime

DETROIT (WWJ) - Looking for a way you can help others during the coronavirus outbreak? Consider donating blood.

The American Red Cross says it is dealing with a severe blood shortage as many community blood drives have been canceled. 

The blood bank says healthy individuals are urgently needed to donate now to help patients. 

Volunteer donors are in a unique position to ensure essential medical care continues for those who depend on lifesaving transfusions, such as surgical patients, accident victims, new moms with complicated childbirths, patients going through cancer treatment and more.

The Red Cross says it has implemented additional precautions to ensure drives and donation centers are safe for donors and staff. 

For more information and how to donate, visit