State Rep. Tyrone Carter Tests Positive For COVID-19, Discusses His Symptoms

"Your body knows the difference and this was different," Carter said.

WWJ News
March 26, 2020 - 5:22 pm

DETROIT (WWJ) -- State Rep. Tyrone Carter of Detroit is the first Michigan lawmaker to test positive for COVID-19.

Carter, a former lieutenant with the Wayne County Sheriff's Office, tells WWJ he and his wife were tested Saturday at Wayne State University and his positive results came back Thursday. His wife learned her test results were negative on Wednesday.

Carter and other lawmakers were in session at the State House until about 10:30 p.m. last Tuesday. When he got home that night is when he started to feel "horrible."

"I had a temperature around 102, a cough. I had no appetite. No taste for any of my favorite foods, but I ate just to be eating something. But nothing had any taste," Carter told WWJ.

The worst of Carter's symptoms came on Thursday and Friday, when he says he was experiencing body aches and pains, a high fever and a dry cough. He says he could tell it was something worse than the flu.

"Your body knows the difference and this was different," Carter said.

Now Carter says he feels like he's almost fully recovered -- about 90%, he says. Carter had simply been taking Tylenol Cold to manage his symptoms. "It's all that was left" at the store, he said.

"I knew I was feeling better the other day when I had a taste for some pizza and before, I had a taste for nothing, so I ate it and it actually had taste," he said.

He and his wife began self-isolating in their home after he began experiencing symptoms and decided to get tested after hearing Wayne State had a drive-thru testing site over the weekend because he wanted to know whether it was coronavirus.

Since testing positive, Carter has been wearing a mask inside the house, and they have been wiping down and sanitizing surfaces since being tested.

State health officials on Thursday announced more than 500 new cases of COVID-19, while the death toll rose to 60. One of those deaths was a friend and former colleague of Carter's -- Commander Donafay Collins, with the Wayne County Sheriff's Office.

Collins died on Wednesday after being diagnosed with the virus.

Carter says he and another friend believe they may have been exposed to the virus at a birthday party earlier this month, where Collins and other members of the sheriff's office were present.

Health officials are emphasizing the importance of social distancing -- staying six feet away from other people in public -- frequent hand washing and sanitizing surfaces, among other precautions, in order to help slow the spread of the virus. Gov. Gretchen Whitmer issued an executive order for Michiganders to stay at home amid the pandemic for at least three weeks.

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