Roseville Residents Object To Proposed Warren Marijuana Facilities With Billboards

"Some of these homes are only 50 yards away!" one of the billboards said.

WWJ News
February 17, 2020 - 5:53 pm
Warren Marijuana Billboard

Photo: Defend Roseville


ROSEVILLE, Mich. (WWJ) -- Some Roseville residents are objecting to multiple planned marijuana provisioning centers in Warren along the border of the two cities.

As the group of concerned residents is pushing back against the facilities in their neighborhood, reportedly planned near 11 Mile Road, Groesbeck Highway and Hayes. The group Defend Roseville says the city of Warren's Planning Department didn't do its due dilligence.

The group says the city has admitted to not sending state-required notices to Roseville addresses before recommending site plans to the planning commission. Law reportedly the city to send notices to addresses within 500 feet of the facilities,but says nothing about homes in other cities. While numerous homes are within that range, they are technically not within the Warren city limits.

Roseville-Warren Marijuana Billboard
Photo: Defend Roseville
Defend Roseville, comprised of nearby homeowners and other supporters, sponsored a pair of digital billboards along Groesbeck just north of I-696 Sunday in objection to the facilities, warning Roseville residents of what may be on the way. Many houses are within 500 feet to the east of the proposed grow facility, and residents are concerned that prevailing winds will make the smell unbearable.

"Some of these homes are only 50 yards away!" one of the billboards said.

In addition to the smell, residents are concerned about traffic, noise and loitering, according to the billboard.

Speaking to WWJ, Warren Mayor Jim Fouts says potential litigation is one of the reasons he's vetoed most marijuana laws proposed by the council.

"I've been concerned about lawsuits to the city and also tying up officials in cumbersome litigation. So you have to go slowly with something like this, otherwise you get yourself into a complicated situation," Fouts said.

The group says it put up the billboards because residents likely haven't heard of the proposed facility.

"Families in these two areas will have no advance knowledge of such a big operation springing up near them until it’s too late to object, and then they may wonder about the source of any stinking skunk smell because Warren’s ordinance bans marijuana-related signage from a building’s exterior," a statement from Defend Roseville says. 

The next meeting of the Warren Planning Commission is scheduled for March 9th, at 7 pm in the Warren Community Center’s auditorium.