Is Salt Left Over From Last Winter Still Good To Use?

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November 15, 2019 - 9:29 am

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DETROIT (WWJ) - Welcome to the "thaw and re-freeze" portion of winter -- even though it's only November.

Metro Detroiters are still dealing with icy sidewalks and driveways after a historic snowstorm dumped nearly a foot of snow on the region, and then temperatures plummeted to record lows. 

Like many, you may have a half-full bag of salt left over from last Winter and you might be wondering: "Is this stuff still good to use? Will it even work?"

The answer depends, according to Tim Alexander, owner of Alexander True Value Hardware on 9 Mile and Farmington roads in Farmington.

"You'll know," he said. "If it's hard and clumped up, it's garbage." If not, it's good.

Alexander suggests buying the largest bag you can afford to get the biggest bang for your buck, since the winter season just started.

"The best stuff you could probably get for your driveway would be calcium chloride, but that's going to be a little more pricey," he said.

And if you have any four-legged family members -- pay special attention to warnings on the bag.

"You should get one that's pet-friendly, which will usually be a couple different types of salts. It will be a blend of magnesiums or they'll put some organic accelerators in there to help lubricate the pet's paws," said Alexander.