State Police: Seatbelt, Distracted Driving Crackdown Today On I-94 And Hall Road

WWJ News
February 05, 2020 - 3:00 pm
A Michigan State Police car

(Photo: WWJ/Mike Campbell)


(WWJ) Drivers beware: Michigan State Police once again have extra patrols out on some area roadways, looking for people disobeying traffic laws. 

This latest enforcement effort police are calling "Drive Right Wednesday" will take place on Hall Road from Van Dyke Ave. to I-94, as well as along I-94 from 26 Mile Road to Metro Parkway (16 Mile Road).

The patrols this time will focus on seatbelt use and distracted driving, "So just drive right and be polite to other drivers." police tweeted. 

Last week, more than 100 drivers were pulled over during the crackdown along the Lodge Freeway, with a total of 46 tickets written and 76 warnings handed out for speeding, careless driving, texting, open intoxicants and failing to yield to an emergency vehicle. At least one driver was pulled over for driving too slow, police said. 

While some question why authorities warn drivers of these efforts ahead of time, State Police say the goal, as always, is keeping everyone safe on the roads.