State Police Say: Don't Try To Blame Crashes On The Weather

"The snow doesn't jump behind the wheel"

WWJ News
November 07, 2019 - 3:03 pm
auburn hills crash

An SUV is involved in a crash the morning of Nov. 7, 2019. in Auburn Hills. (Photo: Vickie Thomas/WWJ)

DETROIT (WWJ) - A little snow is being blamed for a lot of accidents that jammed up traffic on Detroit-area roads and freeways Thursday morning.

And while there's no doubt conditions were dicey, Michigan State Police Lt. Mike Shaw says that, for drivers, the weather is no excuse.

"The snow doesn't jump behind the wheel and hit the gas pedal; it doesn't grab your steering wheel at all," Shaw said. "The driver is at fault. It's your responsibility to be able to control your vehicle at all times, and that's why we always remind people to keep their speeds down."

Shaw said drivers who cause these crashes are generally driving too fast for the conditions or following too closely. 

"I think somebody gets behind the wheel of one of those four-wheel-drives, and they overcompensate for what they really can do," the lieutenant said. "And when the weather's bad and there's just a little bit of snow out there, those four-wheel-drives will just slide into a ditch just as fast as a regular car will."

Numerous crashes Thursday morning led to long delays on local freeways, with some people sitting in traffic jams for two to three hours.  

Shaw said while he doesn't have an exact count for the crashes, troopers were kept busy all throughout the morning rush.

"I know that on the I-96 corridor -- I had an opportunity to drive to Lansing today -- I probably counted seven or eight vehicles that were either in the ditch or up against the wall," he said. 

One person died in a single-car crash on I-96 near Howell. State police said the freeway was icy at the time of the accident.