'Heartbreaking': Striking GM Worker Hit, Killed On Picket Line

WWJ News
October 22, 2019 - 12:40 pm

(WWJ) Police in Tennessee are investigating following a tragedy on the picket line outside a General Motors plant. 

According to officials with the United Auto Workers union, UAW Spring Hill Member Roy A. McCombs was picketing outside GM's Spring Hill plant in Tennessee when he was struck and killed by a car.

While an investigation into the crash continues, officials say it appears to have been a tragic accident. 

UAW President Gary Jones and UAW Vice President Terry Dittes released the following statement on Tuesday: 

"Roy A. McCombs tragically lost his life today on a picket line standing up for a better life for himself and his coworkers. On behalf of the UAW, we offer condolences to Brother McCombs and family, friends and co-workers. Today’s accident is heartbreaking for UAW Spring Hill members. We will continue to work to ensure that safety is a priority on the picket line."

While the driver who struck McCombs has not been identified, authorities said it was a family member of another striking worker. It's unclear at this time if any charges are possible. 

In what is considered a blow to a tentative contract deal, workers at the Spring Hill plant narrowly voted down a tentative contract. A reported 59% of line workers and 77% of the skilled trades have approved the deal, as voting continues this week.  Most of the major plants, including Flint, have not yet posted results.