Study Says Michigan Residents Have Second-Highest Beer Tolerance In Country

How many beers does it take Michiganders to feel drunk?

WWJ News
October 09, 2019 - 6:17 pm
A draft beer pouring from a tap

(WWJ) -- How many beers does it take Americans to feel drunk?

That's the question the folks at set out to answer with a recent study.

And the results show Michiganders apparently have the second-highest tolerance to beer in the U.S., saying on average it takes 4.02 beers for Michigan residents to feel drunk. That ranks behind only Arizona, who checked in a 4.04 beers.

That may not come as a big surprise, as Michigan is front and center on the craft beer scene, with hundreds of breweries across the state. Michiganders not only like to hit the beaches or parks with a cold brew during the summer months, but Michigan residents also like to drink a few beers to help get through the cold, dark winters.

The study, while not exactly backed by science, asked more than 2,500 Americans how many beers with a 4.5% alcohol by volume (ABV) content it would take for them to feel drunk. For context, the typical light beer usually has an ABV of a little more than 4.0. The results of respondents from each state were averaged for the final results.

Maine (3.88 beers), Wisconsin (3.88) and Missouri (3.87) rounded out the top five states in the survey. Meanwhile, the states with the lowest averages are Hawaii (2.71), Idaho (2.75), Arkansas (2.90), Montana (2.92), and California (2.96).

A second facet of the survey looks at how many respondents from each state say they feel drunk after one beer. Montana topped that list at 38%, while Hawaii and Idaho were next, tied at 32.7%. Michigan was near the bottom of that list at 12% -- Maine was the lowest at 11.5%, while Wisconsin and North Dakota were both at 11.8%.

See the full survey results on is a resource for alcohol addiction treatment and encourages anyone who needs help to reach out.