Toledo Man Makes Nude Dash Through Traffic After Crash

WWJ News
November 12, 2019 - 10:28 am
traffic jam

 (WWJ) A young Toledo, Ohio man is set to appear in court Tuesday, after he police say he ran naked from his vehicle after a crash. 

The nude dash, at the busy intersection of S. Reynolds Rd. and Airport Highway, was captured on video by multiple motorists, and shared to social media Monday.

WTVG-TV reported that, after numerous citizens called police to report the man, an officer found him running along Brownstone Blvd., wearing only flip-flops. After a short pursuit, 22-year-old Antwaun Brown was arrested outside his nearby apartment, while still in the buff. 

Note: Video below is unedited and shows partial nudity. 

In one video clip, posted by Twitter user Half-Blood George (@urawizardbobby), Brown is seen running covering his genitals on a grassy knoll near a shopping center, before darting in front of the Twitter user's car. The video has been viewed more than 31,000 times. 

Replying to another video of the incident, tweeted by @Toledo_Tweets, (Note: this video shows the man's backside), Lee Sechrist writes: "This dude is streaking right in front of the cafe where my wife and I had our first date."

The Toledo Blade reports Brown was charged in Toledo Municipal Court with obstructing official business and public indecency, plus charges in connection with the crash. The newspaper stated that the police did not indicate why Brown was nude.